Our role in society

Our role in society

HuRis is an organization that wants to bring added value to customers now and in the future. We believe that it is important that this is done sustainably. We therefore enter into long-term relationships with our employees, our customers and our environment.

We want a working environment in which employees are challenged in a familiar environment and are given the freedom to develop and take responsibility. The interest of the employee weighs heavily. We believe that the long term satisfaction and motivation of our employees are in the interest of customers and shareholders.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.

Albert Schweitzer

Working together and living together

We strive after intense, long-term and good relations with our customers. Such relationships depend on mutual trust, the primacy of the customer’s interest and the provision of added value. Collaboration with colleagues, partners and customers and intensive knowledge transmission are the basis for such relationships.

HuRis strives to keep the impact of its activities on the environment as small as possible, among other things by stimulating (in the terms of employment) travel by public transport, working from home and CO2 neutral entrepreneurship. In addition, we annually make a CO2 compensation budget available based on the number of kilometres driven. This budget is used to purchase products that have an energy-limiting purpose (e.g. anti-standby units).
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HuRis constitutes also part of the social community and that inspires us to ask in various ways for attention and action on behalf of those in the world who are less fortunate than we are, far and near.

  • We participate each year in WEVeA (Working for another). Each year, employees can take a day off but they go to work or to the customer. The turnover of the day is intended for a good cause.
  • Each year, we give our customers a Christmas present of € 20. The customer can donate this Christmas present to one of the charities chosen by our own employees.
  • We offer our employees the opportunity to sponsor an organization in his or her immediate environment. By doing so, we have already helped several schools, sports teams, et cetera