As an expert in SAP SuccessFactors HuRis knows only too well that investing in knowledge and solutions is investing in people. HuRis Capital Management for us means: Working together and independently in a team of friendly and professional colleagues in which sharing of knowledge and experience is the main priority.

Huris encourages you in your desire to develop in the areas of your interests and which give you the energy to bring out the best in yourself.

Based on your speciality you will be joining one or more of the HuRis projects. And it’s always possible to fall back on the knowledge and experience of your colleagues.

For example, during the unique HuRis-days when you and your colleagues discuss and exchange the latest information. Sharing knowledge in a flexible way and putting into practice your knowledge, contributes to elaborating customer-focused solutions that make the service HuRis so powerful and unique.

At this moment we have no vacancies.