ISU HR Package

International Scale-Up HR package

– How do you keep your employees committed and motivated during international growth?

– Where should HR be in 5 years from now, looking at your future company structures?

–  How can you assure that your people perform to the maximum even you cannot directly coach them anymore

–  How do you manage the integration of all tools that are used in the organization

Whether you are a young or mature company that is growing rapidly through changing markets or international expansion, you have in common that you need to think about your business strategy, structure and people. Not just for today and tomorrow, but for the next 5 years and beyond.

With this growing complexity, you have to make sure you not only attract the right people, but even more so make sure you keep them. That’s why HR is a crucial part of Scale-Up companies, something that goes far beyond recruitment. If you are ready to grow with your company, make sure that your HR structures also grow with you and show your employees that you care about them and their future, performance and wellbeing.

Which platform will help you grow?

SuccessFactors (SAP) is a worldwide leading HXM system. With over 100 million users and availability in more than 50 languages, the platform is extremely stable, innovative and complete. Because it’s all in the cloud, you and your employees can access it anytime, anywhere and from any device.

What is included in our implementation?

  • Recruiting

    Make sure you get the right people on board by using the best tools and having efficient and professional selection processes in place.

  • Employee Central

    Store all your employee data in the cloud and use this a base for all your HR processes and analytics. Possible to integrate with your current Payroll system.

  • Performance & Goal management

    Track your employee's progress and show them how they are accountable and appraised.

  • Document Manager

    Digitalize sign your employee's contracts and store them automatically in their own digital personnel file within SuccessFactors

  • Employee Experience Portal

    Create 1 Portal where we will integrate all the other company applications you use together with your HR system. You will get your own company app which will create full accessibility for all employees 24/7 on any device will be accessible based on role-based permissions.

  • Growth

    When you grow further and need other modules like compensation, succession planning, learning, analytics, sickness, leave and more we will be there to help you, as these modules can be seamlessly integrated with your HXM system.

What do we offer?

  • A short role out time (16 weeks) because of the use of best practices, pre-defined processes and manuals
  • A professional implementation team with more than 20 years of experience and many international customers
  • Support option after go-live
  • Unique add-ons included like the Document Manager and Employee Experience Portal
  • Constant innovation and flexibility in growth scenarios
  • A fixed price per user per month between € 1.50 and € 19.00 depending on the duration of the contract, number of users and content. Part of the implementation costs can be included in the monthly amount


More information

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